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Libra Paper Wallet

This is a Libra paper wallet provided by UPLibra team. The wallet generation is done client-side. Your recovery words are not sent to the internet. They are visible to you only, and only in the device (desktop, mobile...) that you are currently using. If not copied seed, your wallet details will disappear. Currently it's unnecessarry to remember seed because it's just a testnet.

What is MINT?

You could use MINT to receive Libra coin in testnet.

How can I transfer Libra coin to other address?

You can't send Libra in this Libra paper wallet. We will add this feature into APP wallet (Coming soon), then you'll start using Libra sending.


Currently Libra is still in testnet. All Libra wallet address and transaction have no actual value. We hope you'll have a nice experience on using Libra wallet.